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1.  To serve in our community in a teaching role.


2.  To live my life in a way that helps others reach for their highest potential.


3.  To help students learn higher-ordered thinking skills so that they develop problem solving and decision-making skills that will serve them for their lifetime.


4.  To teach others to improve their lives while continuing to grow, challenge, and develop myself.

What People say

Past Employment



Skills & Expertise

Teaching Skills

Skills & Expertise




Small Group Development 


Project Management 

Problem Solving 


Strategic Planning and Execution 

Change Management

Staff/Individual Development

Conflict Resolution 

Public Speaking 

Budget Planning/ Forecasting

Volunteer Recruitment

Teaching Experience


2014 - Present

Porter Church of Christ 
Porter, TX

2015 - Present

Substitute Teacher 
New Caney ISD
New Caney/ Porter, TX

  • Plan, prepare and delivery engaging weekly lessons.

  • Oversee all elements of Worship planning.

  • Taught offsite Bible Study for young adult husbands/fathers.

  • Serve as counselor and mentor to members of the congregation and the community.  

  • Developed and oversaw the implementation of small groups. 

  • Participate in Elders/Shepherds meetings.

  • Lead regular meetings of deacons and ministry leaders serving as a resource for our volunteer leaders.  

  • Developed and maintain the congregation website.

  • Encourage, teach, and coach members to lead classes and more fully participate in all aspects of the congregation.  

  • Teach any and all age group Bible Classes when needed.  

  • Led a team in 2018 & 2019 to plan and implement a charity auction that raised about $26,000 that was used to serve those in our community who needed help. 


Kingsville Church of Christ
Kingsville, TX

  • Served the school district as a regular substitute.

  • Acted as counselor and sounding board for school staff.

  • Built relationship with community leaders, teachers, and students.

  • Became a reliable part of the Porter High School community

  • Kept current with latest trends and fads by being a part of the students' lives as a trusted adult.  

  • Planned, prepared and delivered engaging weekly lessons.

  • Oversaw all elements of Worship planning.

  • Taught Bible Study for college age students on the campus of Texas A&M -- Kingsville.

  • Served as counselor and mentor to members of the congregation and the community.  

  • Participate in Elders/Shepherds meetings.

  • Developed and oversaw the installation of new Elders/Shepherds.

  • Prepared and maintained the congregation website.

  • Encouraged, taught, and coached members to lead classes and more fully participate in all aspects of the congregation.  

  • Led a small occasional staff to help with errands and administrative functions of the congregation.  


Children's Home 
Duncan, SC


Youth Minister
Court Drive
Church of Christ
Palestine, TX

  • My wife and served 2 1/2 years as live-in house-parents for up to 8 girls between the ages of 11-19.   

  • We modeled a healthy family relationship using Christian principles to help the girls feel loved, while teaching them Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, and Physical skills to further their development.  

  • There were too many responsibilities involved to feasibly place on a resume.  

  • Developed a youth program utilizing parents as the primary spiritual care taker of the students.

  • Served as President of SMAC (Student Ministers of Anderson County)

  • Occasionally filled in as worship leader or preacher.  

  • Implemented a youth small groups ministry that continued to serve the students well after I left.  

  • Built a youth program that was about 50% students whose parents did not attend our congregation.  

  • Taught, cared-for, and mentored students, parents and volunteers encouraging them as the deepened their faith in Jesus.  

Teaching Education


May 2013

Master of Science 
Bible & Ministry 
Lubbock Christian University
Lubbock, TX

May 2003

Bachelor of Arts  
Bible -- Youth & Family Ministry
Harding University
Searcy, AR

Dec 2002

Associate of Arts  
General Studies
Aiken Technical College
Aiken, SC

Teaching Trainings


What People Say About Me.

Catalyst Life Coach

This 28-week professional International Coach Federation accredited coach training prepares you to practice coaching in order to serve others and/or to practice coaching as a profession.

Certified Prepare/Enrich Coordinator

P/E Coordinators meet with couples before (prepare) or at any point during marriage (enrich), and give couples the gifts of awareness and understanding. They also provide skills to assist them in a healthy, life-long relationship.

Relationship IQ Leader

Taught by Pepperdine University’s Boone Center for the Family, Relationship IQ Training is designed for academic institutions, and other organizations to better help young adults (16-25yo) navigate all relationships (connections with friends, family, romantic partners, co-workers, professors, teachers, managers, roommates, and spirituality.)

Past Certifications and Trainings

CPI Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training

South Carolina C.A.R.E (Children & Residential Experiences) Training

American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

Over two years of Extensive Monthly Training including:

-Caring For Teens Dealing With Past Trauma  

-Helping Teens with Abuse and Neglect  

-Modeling and Teaching Stress Management  

-Grief and Loss  

-Suicide Prevention  

-Suicidal Behaviors in Teens  

-Cultural Competencies  

-Group Dynamics  

-Helping Teens Learn  

 -Problem Solving Skills  

-Strategic Planning  

-Critical Incident Problem Solving  

Teaching What People Say

What People Say

High School Social Studies Department Chair

I wish to write this letter of recommendation for Daniel Burns. Mr. Burns has been a sub at Porter High School for the past several years. During that time, he has demonstrated his abilities in the classroom. He has substituted for me personally several times. Each time he performed his duties extremely well. Students assignments were turned in on time and he left a detail notes for each class. Mr. Burns had control of his  classes and demonstrated his ability to relate to students.

I know Mr. Burns has a desire to become a teacher and I would highly encourage him to do so. Hiring competent substitutes during the school year can be difficult. However, Mr. Burns is someone that is selected regularly by myself and my department. I would give my full endorsement to any program he was attempting to enter.

High School
Substitute Coordinator

As Campus Substitute Coordinator for Porter High School during 2014-2019 I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Daniel Burns. 


I’m delighted to write this letter of recommendation on his behalf as he was one of my most dependable Substitutes. Mr. Burns displayed great classroom management skills, very adaptable, and capable of handling student discipline issues that would arise in the classroom. Mr. Burns on occasion assisted me with coordinating classroom coverage during our high absentee days. He enjoyed covering for long-term  substitute positions and was especially delighted when coverage was in the Social Studies department.


Mr. Burns if given the opportunity would be an asset to any High School. He always displayed a team player attitude. He put himself at the front of every line to help out in any way
he could. 

High School Teacher & District Pregnancy  Coordinator (Ret)

Current HS Substitute

I am writing this letter in regard to Mr. Daniel Burns, whom I have known for over five years or more. I have also worked with Mr. Burns, for over five years. He is never late, very dependable, energetic, and very knowledgeable of subject areas.

He is very helpful to the students. He always wants the students to have that self confidence that they need. He is always saying positive things to the students. Mr. Burns, is very good at motivating the students to participate in class. 

During this time and how this CORONA VIRUS, has changed all of our lives, especially the children, I think that Mr. Daniel Burns, would be an asset to teaching in the school system.

High School
Social Studies Teacher 

I have known Mr. Daniel Burns since at least 2015. During this time we have played softball together, spoke at length about life, and worked together in a professional capacity. I am happy to assist him in his attempt to become an educator by writing this letter to recommend him to you. 


Mr. Burns has substituted for me multiple times during my teaching career and has always comported himself in a professional manner. The classes he has covered include US History, Dual Credit US History, and US Government. He has demonstrated an ability to cover these courses and help my
students be successful. My students routinely tell me he was a firm but fair substitute. Throughout my years of knowing him he has demonstrated an ability to think critically when dealing with complex subject matter which I believe is necessary when teaching a subject as rich and varied as Social Studies. I truly
believe he would make an excellent educator for a long list of reasons. These reasons include but are not limited to his self-discipline, ability to communicate effectively, and desire to see students be successful. 

High School
Engineering - CTE Teacher

I am writing on behalf of Daniel Burns.  Over the past six years I have gotten to know Daniel and his passion for education.  He has been a continual student himself; always making himself available to learn and engulfed in his studies.  I believe that he truly values education and the education system.  Not only does Daniel value and strive for high education, he has a passion for the youth of our community. 


I have watched Daniel mentor and teach students for the past six years I have known him.  He quickly made himself available to work for NCISD [New Caney ISD] as a substitute teacher and has been a very valuable asset to the district and specifically my campus of PHS [Porter High School].  Daniel has consistently been a substitute that our substitute coordinator could count on and was willing to call on for any situation here at PHS. 


Daniel has worked diligently during the past year or so to prepare himself for a position teaching Social Studies in a public school, and I believe that he would be as great an asset to our district as he already is to our community.   

High School
Substitute Coordinator

It is truly an honor to have been asked to write a letter of reference for Daniel Burns, a substitute here at Porter High School.  During the past years of knowing Mr. Burns, I have observed how her goes above and beyond to help in any way possible.  Mr. Burns is one of the few substitutes that I know I can rely on.  There have been numerous times when I had to ask him to come in and help with classroom coverage at short notice and he will be here. 


  Mr. Burns is well liked by all teacher and staff at PHS.  He has been requested by teachers to substitute for them on may occasions.  You will find that he always gives more than his best.  His personality makes it easy for teachers and a students to connect with him.  I highly recommend Mr. Burns for a permanent teaching position without any reservation.  

High School
Spanish Teacher

I have known Daniel for the last five years or so. He has been able to substitute for my classes at Porter High School. Every time he does, I know things will go well. He enjoys helping the students even if it is a subject he is unsure of. I believe that Daniel would be a fine addition to any campus. I hope you will give him the opportunity to show what he can do.

Coach & Teacher (Ret)

Current HS Substitute

I would like to recommend Daniel Burns for a Social Studies teaching position at Porter High School. I have known Daniel for 5 years and we have become good friends substitute teaching together.


We worked together in P.E. year before last and I know that all of our students were treated fairly and they respected us and had fun. He is a good teacher and a good role model for all students. He is a good family man and he has a great personality and is an honorable person. I am a retired New Caney I.S.D. teacher and coach and former head coach at White Oak Middle School.

Asst. Athletic Coordinator
Girls Head Basketball Coach

I have known Daniel Burns for the past four years. We met at Porter High School while he was substitute teaching. Since then, Mr. Burns has become somewhat of a colleague, he is here as much as the regular staff.

Over the years I have witnessed Mr. Burns conversing with students and other staff. He always conducts himself in a respectful manner and has much patience. Mr. Burns’s character has proven to be professional, dependable, and honest.

It is a pleasure to write in support of Daniel Burns for your job opportunity. I believe that he will be an asset to your institution.

High School Foreign Language Department Chair

I have been at Porter High School (PHS) since it opened in 2010.  I am now and have been the Chair of the Foreign Languages since 2008, When I became employed with New Caney ISD (NCISD). 

I became acquainted with Daniel Burns when he began working as a substitute many years ago.  I dare say he has been at Porter High School almost since it opened in 2010.  

In the time that I have known Daniel I have come to regard him as a strong reliable substitute who earned the respect of students, teachers, and administrators for the work he has performed here at PHS. 

For may years before recently beginning his pursuit of TEA Certification, Daniel was a common fixture and the go-to sub when teachers were in need.  His hard work and dedication led him to be regarded by myself and many others as reliable, knowledgeable, and committed to his work.  His even-keel personality blends well in a diverse and dynamic environment such a teaching young people.  

While I do not know Daniel personally, I believe that his attributes displayed at work are not far from his personal character.  I believe Daniel will be a fine addiction to any work dealing with education.  

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